Mercedes-Benz S 350d

Dynamic premium companion for your travels


Daily rent is charged on 24 hours mark, price listed is for one day excluding VAT.

Vehicle reservation


After sending your inquiry, a TDC employee will contact you with details about lease time and price.

Price list

  km    1 - 7 days  8 - 21 days 22 - 45 days  46 - 70 days 71 - 90 days     91+     

over km

(per 1 km)

50 3950 2350 2100 1890 1690 1550 19
100 5990 3890 3490 3150 2850 2590


Further information and details

No compromise. The new Class S Mercedes-Benz will fulfill all your needs - travel, work, rest and enjoy the comfort, safety and luxury it offers.

Class S Mercedes-Benz is as spacious as ever. Every passenger will savor the drive in their personal comfort zone, where they can enjoy their time however they may wish. Tinted glass take care of your privacy, soundproofed cabin ensures no disturbance and heated seats and ionizator create pleasant climate in every weather.

To suit your needs, Class S Mercedes-Benz can also turn into a luxurious office with all the comfort and necessary equipment, such as a 230V outlet or a foldable desk. Latest technologies will allow for a peaceful and comfortable drive on highways and intercity roads as well as in busy traffic. The Vehicle is equipped by an automatic parking assiatant, maintains safe distance and selected speed and looks after its lane. In case of an impending accident, brake assistant is automatically activated. Elegant design and prestigious brand will represent any successful man or woman perfectly anywhere they chose to venture. Travelling will cease to be an unpleasant duty and instantly become an experience to be cherished.

Body Sedan
Power Diesel
Engine V6 turbo, All-wheel
Performance 190 kW, 620 Nm
Transmission Automatic


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