Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

About vehicles:

Are your cars insured?

  • TPL and Casco insurance (glass, accidents, theft, vandalism). The client´s excess payment in the case of an insurance claim is 10%.

Vehicle booking and payment:

How can I book a car?

  • Chose a vehicle from our catalogue and make an online reservation/inquiry.
    You can also make a reservation or inquiry on the phone or directly at our head office in Zlin or in our Prague office, contact information can be found here.

When will I get my reservation confirmation?

  • When sending an online inquiry form, our team checks availability of the car and sends you reservation confirmation by email or makes you an alternative offer if the car is not available. If you make an iquiry on the phone, we will check availability and confirm reservation immediately with you. We usually respond to email inquiries within the following working day.

What are the payment options?

  • Before you pick up the car the deposit and the first monthly payment have to be paid. In case of a long term lease you will get a monthly invoice regularly.
  • You can pay through a bank account transfer in advance, in cash or by a credit card when picking up the vehicle at our office.

Why do you require deposits?

  • In case of an insurance claim (accident, theft etc.), the client bears a 10% excess that is deducted from the deposit.

Lease terms and conditions:

Is the lease offer also available for individuals?

  • Yes, our car lease is available for companies as well as individuals.

What will I need to enter into a lease contract?

  • If you are an individual, you need:
    - to pay a refundable deposit according to the vehicle type
    - ID card, driving licence, credit card

  • If you are a company you need:
    - to pay a refundable deposit according to the vehicle type
    - ID card, driving licence, credit card
    - excerpt from the commercial register

Can a leased vehicle be also used by an other person?

  • Yes, the agreement does not limit the use of the vehicle, it can also be borrowed to family members, employees etc. However, every user has to meet the corresponding legal requirements. It is not allowed to rent the car for a fee without our consent.

May I return the car before the lease contract end date?

  • Yes, you may return the vehicle before the lease contract end date, but we will charge you a penalty fee wich is 50% of all future monthly payments.

Is it possible to choose a different mileage limit or lease term?

  • Yes, we will be glad to prepare an individual quote for you, but note that the mileage limits cannot be lowered, only increased.

Where can I pick up the vehicle? And where do I drop it off?

  • You can pick up/drop off the car at our offices, outside the Czech republic we will handover and take the car back at selected airport or train station. Please find more information on our contact page.

May I drive the vehicle abroad?

  • Yes, travelling within the EU is not limited, travelling outside the EU is not allowed without our consent.

Will I receive the vehicle with a full tank?

  • Yes, you will receive the vehicle with a full fuel tank and you also need to return it in that condition.

What to do in case of an accident or a car theft?

  • Contact us without delay on phone number +420 731 888 887 (EN), + 420 608 554 553 or + 46 735 165 659+420. We will resolve the situation together.
  • The procedure in case of an accident does not differ from common practice related to car lease. You will fill in a standard accident protocol with the other accident participant(s) and inform the insurance company of the event. Unless the accident results merely in small scratches, we encourage you to call the police. Afterwards, please bring the vehicle to an authorized repair shop.
  • In case of a theft or total crash of the vehicle, the lease contract will be terminated prematurely. Because the vehicle is also insured on its invoiced price (GAP), no financial obligation will arise to you from this kind of premature termination.

Does the lease contract also include assistance services and a replacement vehicle?

  • Yes, the contract includes 24/7 Assistance within EU. We will provide you a replacement car free of charge only in case of an accident or a break down which is not caused by you. If you cause an accident, we can offer you a replacement car for a standard fee.

What if i exceed the mileage limit?

  • In case of exceeding the agreed mileage limit, the excess kilometers will be charged according to the lease contract. Prices of excessive mileage is listed in the description of each vehicle.

What does unusual "wear and tear" of the vehicle mean?

  • This applies for example to chassis damage - dents and bumps, car paint scratches that cannot be fixed by polishing, tyre and alloy wheel damages, teared or burned upholstery etc. Detailed description is attached to every contract.

Do you have further questions?

I you have further questions, you have not found answer to in our FAQ, do not hesitate to contact us. Find our contact information here.

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